A dynamic experience that captures the thrill & adventure of video games

      Mercury Soul presents the ultimate immersive game experience. This innovative display of realtime collaboration and imaginative production provides a dynamic representation of in-game action.

      Gamer(s) play a popular game while an orchestra syncs live using a novel system of cues and vamps. The live gameplay guides the orchestra. Nothing is prerecorded. The music immediately reacts to unpredictable gameplay.

      Mercury Soul provides seamless end-to-end production. Orchestra size and production elements are fully scalable. Fans can attend in person or via livestream.

Live-to-Film format: projected game imagery accompanied by live orchestral segments


Live Gameplay format: gamer(s) play a popular game while a live orchestra tracks to the gameplay using a novel system of cues and vamps

Mercury Soul brought this concept to life for an immensely popular feature at the 2021 Intel Gamer Days

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