Mercury Soul re-imagines the concert experiences through an evening of classical music and electronica in alternative venues with elaborate production and immersive stagecraft. There are four basic elements that make Mercury Soul unique: music, space, production, and digital education.


Mercury Soul features alternating sets of classical music and DJing. Classical sets feature music ranging from Bach to Stravsinky to living composers, performed by anything from a lone soloist to a full orchestra. Classical sets are performed as intended by the composer with no electronics (unless called for by the composer), and then transition into EDM through precomposed transitions which feature both the musicians and the DJs.




Mercury Soul takes place in alternative venues such as large nightclubs or warehouses. With that comes a more casual atmosphere where guests can roam throughout the hall and purchase a drink while they listen. Within those venues, Mercury Soul activates the entire space by positioning performers on platforms, in balconies, and on the dancefloor in addition to the main stage.


Mercury Soul’s lighting effects are very carefully designed to maximize the effect of the music and guide the audience. During classical sets, our production team uses warm, static light to highlight the performers. Conversely, kaleidoscopic colors and other special effects make for a multisensory experience during the DJ sets.




Rather than carrying around a program booklet that is difficult to read in the dark anyway, Mercury Soul features enormous projections that provide historical information about the works and composers while the music is playing.