Expanding its mission to animate classical music and DJing for new audiences, Mercury Soul has opened a full-service film production shop for not only its own projects, but collaborative projects with other arts organizations.  From enhancing traditional ‘performance’ videos to creating immersive music videos, Mercury Soul can work within a variety of budgets and aesthetics.  Just as our live shows tightly integrate stagecraft and production in imaginative ways, our digital projects focus on vivid presentation.  In creating content that works beautifully on anything from social media to mobile to high-definition flatscreens, we keep the realism of the performance while amplifying the mystique of music video production.

Services include storyboarding; pre-production; audio & video capture; and post-production from editing to titling.  Mercury Soul can either work as a collaborative co-production partner, such as in a recent project with the de Young Museum; or it can be engaged as a production house to animate projects dreamed up by curators.
For information about engaging Mercury Soul Productions for your arts organization or ensemble, please contact
Clients have included the de Young Museum, Saint Joseph’s Arts Society, and The California Symphony.  Click here for examples of our production projects.